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The Harvest Night Complete Episode 1 - 2

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Release Date: August 16, 2006
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: Eng,French,German
Region Code: All, works for most DVD player
Run Time: 60  minutes

The Harvest Night Episode 1: Poppy & Rose

There's a bridge that divides the town, separating violence from non-violence, immorality from morality, sexually abusive lifestyles from ordinary lifestyles. There's no order beyond that bridge. That's where Ryoko enters in search of her childhood friends, Masato and Honoka. What she finds there, is Masato, now the leader of a gang that profits from violence and sex.

The Harvest Night Episode 2: Ashes in the Urn

The doctor tells Masato and his sister, Honoka, to go back home, but they have no home to go back to. The sex and gang violence in this part of town has taken it's toll. In a series of flashbacks, we glimpse into the dark past that haunts all three of them, Masato, Hosoka and Ryoko.

What will happen to the rest of the gang, will they survive?


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