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Professor Pain

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  • Manufactured by: Kitty Media

Release Date: December 18, 2008
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitle: English
Region Code: 1 (NTSC)
Run Time: 60  minutes

The box cover introduces us to the story thus: “The progress report looks bleak for the 19-year-old college students of Aoi University. Professor Ohse always seemed a bit sinister, but no one ever guessed he was a terrorist! Now he holds the entire campus hostage, prisoner to his own twisted desires for terror, torture and degradation!”

This is one of the more violent and depraved hentai animes you will ever see. The Professor of the title is a loose screw on a college campus who plants bombs on campus, kidnaps students for torture, and conducts medical experiments on students (young girls) that would make Mengele jump for joy.

We know we are in for something completely different during his first lecture about the urinary tract. He makes a girl student strip and pee into a test tube. And then comes an orgy of bondage and wax and sticking pins everywhere. This is exciting, and at the same time, disturbing. It is disturbing because the sex organs and the sex acts are done with an amount of realism that doesn’t seem possible for anime.

You can usually tell how good an anime is by how many angry letters and posts that it generates in chat rooms and anime forums. By that rule, Professor Pain is solid gold. Be warned that this is a kinky hentai, and not for the faint of heart.

It takes place on a college campus where a lunatic (or is he) professor is not only blowing up buildings, seemingly at random, but is also torturing students and teachers (female) and teaching some select students (male) how to also do it. There are some awesome scenes that can make you scream or squirm.

Like when a girl gets pins pierced into her nipples, or when a teacher is tied up and her great tits are milked. A young male student learns how to do this and gets a face full of tit cream as a surprise. And then he returns to the breasts and plays with them, squeezes them, slaps them, ties them, and forces more and more milk.

Some of the particularly graphic scenes have the mad professor sticking things up the urethera and ureter and then has the girls pee in test tubes. I can guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before (and might not ever again!).

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