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Natural Obsessions 2 Vol. 1 - 4 Complete

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  • Manufactured by: Adult Source Media

Release Date: July 17, 2007
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitle: English, French
Region Code: All, works for most DVD player
Run Time: 120  minutes

Natural Obsessions 2 Vol.1
Hot, Sexy Twins are the order of the day in this seductive tale. Twin sisters, Chisato and Kuu, orphaned at a young age are sent off to live in a foster home where they meet Nisama. Nisama looks out for the girls as they get older and in the process, sacrifices his musical dreams for their well being. Years later, the sisters & Nisama reunite. With guilt hanging over the girls' heads their only desire is to pay back Nisama with some raunchy, sex-crazed debauchery that will more than make up for the past.

Natural Obsessions 2 Vol.2
Chisato is in love with Shoma and so is her twin sister, Kuu. Kuu voyeuristically watches Shoma and Chisato having sex in the hot tub. She becomes wet, gets jealous and storms out of the house determined to make it on her own. Fantasy becomes reality when an ex lover of Shoma reappears and she pulls Chisato into their den of sexual debauchery. This three way love affair will complicate things. What will Kuu and Chisato decide to do?

Natural Obsessions 2 Vol.3
Kumiko is a lonely widow whose hearts has turned to stone. Everyday she longs for the heated sex romps she enjoyed with her husband. One day she meets Shoma; a man bent on seizing her honey pot to satisfy his perverseness.

At first Kumiko is resistant to giving up the smoking hot body only one man has amply enjoyed, but her sexual appetite is too strong to stop her from feasting on her lustful desires.

Natural Obsessions 2 Vol.4
Ezaki Hinami is a photographer in the editorial department at the local newspaper.
Her first love was Shoma, who was an intern teacher when she was a college girl. Time went by, and now they work at the same office, but her strong feelings of passion for him have not changed. One day, Hinami takes Shoma into a "love motel", telling him it was for research. This almond eyed hottie unleashes her many years of perverse fantasies upon him. These cock-craving, ball-sucking beauties are even serving up poontang in the park.


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