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La Blue Girl Complete 1-3

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  • Manufactured by: Critical Mass

Release Date: Feb 2, 2010
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitle: English
Region Code: 1 (NTSC)
Run Time: 270  minutes

La Blue Girl 1: Initiation
Sex Ninjas Must Die! Miko Mido answers the call of the wild, to become a mistress of martial arts sexcraft! In these erotic episodes, Miko discovers that she is the last in a line of supernatural sex ninjas. Now, this delectable demon slayer is all that stands between humanity and the perverted hordes of the underworld. It won't be easy - these depraved demons are ready to turn a few tricks of their own. It'll be a whammin', slammin' battle as she thrashes the monsters in carnal combat!

La Blue Girl 2: Carnal Combat
Enter The Demons! Miko's previous exploits against both the Shikima and the Suzuka clans haven't prepared her for the deadly duo of Kamiri - Mistress of the Miroku Sex Craft - and Kugutsumen - the Man of a Thousand Faces! The stakes are high, with the life of Miko's father - and her own tender flesh - hanging in the balance. But our sassy sex ninja has a few tricks up her... sleeves, and these erotic evildoers are in for the rides of their lives!

La Blue Girl 3: Rivalry
Supernatural sex ninja Miko Mido lives to punish perverted demons, but even hell has no fury like another woman. Now Miko finds herself under the spell of a cunning competitor, a raunchy rival who burns with jealousy over Miko's expert skills in love. She'll stop at nothing to steal the secret of the Sex Craft, including hypnotizing Miko to obey her every whim. If Miko can't overcome this magic, she'll suffer ultimate humiliation at the hands of a woman who knows no mercy. 

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