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Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque

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  • Manufactured by: Jast USA

Release Date: Dec 31, 2014
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Welcome to Stella Mundo, a magical world still recovering from the devastation of the Mage War that ended the Age of Towers. Domino, the youngest wizard to earn the rank of Archmage, has just begun his study of the ancient Dark Tower, a treasure trove of lost magical knowledge that he hopes to rediscover. But there's a catch. As its price for allowing him to study the tower, the corrupt Council of Archmagi has assigned Domino two gifted but troublesome students - Aria, the daughter of a noble family, and Kaya, an orphan with an unusual heritage - and given him just three years to complete their training, a process that normally takes decades. Does Domino have what it takes to lead Aria and Kaya to greatness? Their fate is in his hands.

A wonderful game in which you have to impart magical knowledge to two promising young witches-in-training, welcome to the world of Littlewitch Romanesque. With hours of gameplay including spells, quests and schedule management, there are many game routes to explore including 20 endings, and many happy sexual encounters.

Littlewitch Romanesque features:
  • Over 40 hours of story and gameplay.
  • Over 300 CGs by famed illustrator Oyari.
  • Great gameplay with many options and ways to interact with the game characters.
  • 100 spells to learn and 79 quests to complete.
  • 26 H-scenes with 12 different girls, including a fairy queen, a beautiful angel, and a cute elf.
  • 20 endings including bad ends, romantic ends, and non-romantic ends.
  • 4 extra scenarios included as part of the Editio Perfecta package, making this the definitive version of this fantastic game!

The package edition of the game comes in a beautiful deluxe version, with a large game box and three pencil-board illustration cards with beautiful art by Oyari, as well as a beautifully printed 24 page game manual.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista/7/8+
CPU: Intel P3 800MHz
HDD: 2.6 GB
Screen Resolution: 800 x 600
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c+
Memory: 128 MB

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